Water Babe

The babe started walking this summer and has been running at full speed since his first steps.  His latest summer obsession is WATER!  Cason’s passion to play in all water just scares this crazy mama to death. Our ranch has a year-round creek bed that runs throughout the property, with a few ponds on either end. Furthermore, with our hot summer nights in the cattle barns, Cason has discovered the cattle troughs.  Without any fear of the nearby 1,200 pound cattle divas, which are calmly taking a sip from their cow slobbered water troughs, Cason just climbs right into the troughs and begins splashing the cows, PJ’s and all.SWIM4

Therefore, we enrolled Cason into parent-child swim lesson at our local aquatics center.   Currently, he is the youngest in his class at 15 months, but absolutely loves his half hour swim sessions twice a week.  As soon as we enter the pool platform his eyes light up with excitement and he begins clapping as we eagerly wait for the class to start. This class is designed to demonstrate the basics of Swim Survival Safety, which teaches infants and toddlers to turn over and float independently in case of an accidental fall into water. They also encourage the kiddos to blow bubbles in the pool, rather than instantly inhaling the water when their faces meet the water. An extra bonus to this swim class is the one-on-one time for us proud parents to spend with our sweet baby boy.  We are very busy working parents, both in our careers and on the cattle ranch, this class allows us 30 minutes of pure joy and quality time with our Lil’ Guppy Fish. The daddy and I, have been splitting up the weeks on who gets to be in the pool with Cason…it has pretty much been a battle over who has to sit out on the sidelines and watch because we are having way too much fun in the pool. While it was my turn to sit in the waiting area, I snapped a few photos of my hunky men. I think a few of the other parents sitting on the sidelines may have thought I was the paparazzi snapping so many photos, but I just couldn’t resist all the new faces and sheer exhilaration in my baby boy’s eyes.


The importance of knowing how to swim and how to survive in the water is crucial to our family beliefs and way of life. Therefore, this is just the tip of the iceberg on swim lessons and Cason will be enrolled in many more swim classes as the years go on. SWIM2

Sky High

flightSome select representatives from our Family Business had to attend the 2014 Planning Session in Renton, Washington (just south of Seattle) which is about 190 miles away from the farm or a 3 hour drive without traffic and 4 hours with traffic.  This session was schedule to last 6 hours, therefore instead of battling the road ways we decided to hit the sky and fly in our family’s Beechcraft Bonanza  V35ATC  Turbo Charged Plane, which is conveniently stored in our hanger less than 5 miles from the ranch.  I was thrilled to make my workday only 9 hours long vs. 16 hours, so I could enjoy some playtime with my munchkin.   My Daddy and Uncle have been IFR Certified Pilots for 30 years or more and love to fly their private plane as a hobby; therefore they keenly flew themselves (company owners), our sales manager and yours truly (sales execution coordinator) to the meeting.

On the way to Renton, we flew above the clouds at 8,000 feet, due to the overcast weather.  However, on our way home the clouds had cleared off and we were able to fly below the clouds a few times at 5,000 feet altitude. I love to fly under the clouds and enjoy the scenery.

Our plane’s call sign is “8425N or 8425 November” and you must use this call sign in the aircraft phonetic alphabet for clarity in aviation voice radio every time. These small plane engines are very noisy and it’s recommended to wear noise cancelling headphones, even though they do flatten out your hairstyle.  But on the other hand, you can listen to all the air chatter and talk amongst each other inside the plane; without yelling.  This air chatter was fascinating to me…there were conversations between the air traffic control tower(ATCT) and pilots, also the pilots talking to other nearby pilots in all different sized planes, both commercial and private.  This AvSpeak is a lot of code talk with aviation terms and abbreviations.  A couple of my favorite terms:

Green Light (approval for landing) or Three Greens; meaning the landing gear is down”

IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)”

VFR (Visual Flight Rules)”

Scud (A low, foglike cloud layer)”

IMC– Instrument Meteorological Conditions (basically you’re in the in clouds)”

You will notice off our left side wing, Mt. Rainier in Washington.  Also, a must while flying is your Ray Ban Aviators… a fashion tip from Top Gun!