Spring Fever {part two}

farmhouse shabby spring table

For a little “Spring Spirit” around the house… I decided to spruce up our farmhouse table with a few spring accents.  Since I was feelin’ a little crafty, I created a SUPER DUPER easy reindeer moss letter with the following supplies from Craft Warehouse:
• Monogram 10 inch Letter {“R” for our last name}
• 1 Package of Preserved Reindeer Moss {this comes in several different colors}
• 3-5 glue sticks w/ glue gun

spring table scape moss letter

spring table scape 1

I cut these pussy willow branches from the tree in my yard, but I wanted to give them a little more pizazz and add some eggs~ dictionary Mod Podge eggs. I followed a tutorial from Dear Lillie {BTW love this blog site, she is incredible and inspiring}.

• Brush
• Bowl
• Water
• Mod Podge
• Plastic Easter Eggs
• Book Pages or Newspaper
• Jute Twine {these plastic eggs already had 2 holes on the top of the egg to string the twine through to hang}

spring table scape mod podge egg

spring table scape mod podge egg 1

spring table scape 2

spring table scape bunny

spring table scape 3

The Moss Letter and Mod Podge Eggs are very simple to create and super cute craft projects to conquer, when you only have an hour to spare.

Spring Fever {part one}

So OFFICIALLY the first day of Spring was MARCH 20th… unfortunately, in Oregon it still looked a little like Winter around here. But now that April is in full swing and the sun is out and about throughout the day, we have come down with Spring Fever. WE WANT MORE SUN, LONGER DAYS, FLOWERS BLOOMIN’ and FRESH CUT GRASS.

My 23 month old munchkin is all about helping me with craft projects….WAIT, did I just type 23… 23months! Holy moly where has the time gone…my baby is almost TWO. Tear, tear and few more million tears. {For the record, he thinks he is already TWO and tells EVERYONE he is TWO}.

Now back to the super fun and easy craft project, Wheatgrass! Wheatgrass starts growing in 3-5 days, so for those little kiddos who have no patience and short attention spans {like my so called 2 year old} this is great project for them to show their excitement and have results before they are burnt out and moved on to something else.


4 Easy Steps:

1. Choose a Décor Container– I have a mad passion for the white hobnail milk glass look and have a collection of tumblers.

2. Fill your container with potting soil to 1-2 inch from the top

3. Sprinkle a layer of Wheatgrass seed– I picked up a 20 oz container of Wheatgrass seed from my local craft store, Craft Warehouse.

4. Cover with soil and keep moist– if you would like thicker grass, repeat steps 3 & 4.


And who doesn’t want to tackle some morning planting in their pajamas.

wheatgrass 1

A week later… TA DA! Now everyone who stops to visit must check out Cason’s Kitty Grass.

Savvy Ranch Living Tip: Check out the dollar bin at your local Target store, EVERY VISIT.  You can score some fab craft items for dollars.  I found these metal caged jar lids for $1.00 each… they fit perfectly on the top of a Mason jar.

Dollar bin 1

…works perfectly for your weaker stemmed Daffodils.

Dollar bin

Spring Fever {part two}…stay tuned.  ~ Lindsey