Winter brings Family Photos

It’s official, as of this weekend, our Christmas Lights are down and put away, the wreaths and Christmas trees have been burned…just in time for Valentine’s Day! Don’t judge… too much! LOL! The inside of the house has been “de-christmasfied” for a few weeks, but we were slacking on the outside. For the record, I did not turn my Christmas lights back on after the 1st of the year. HA! Okay, I may have turned them on once or twice…I just love the feeling of our glowing house on those socked in foggy nights.

Before we store the Christmas season completely away for another year, I wanted to post a few pics from our “Christmas Card” photo shoot. When I say “shoot”, I really mean our talented photographer and family friend, Audrey (or as my little guy refers to her as his “hot girlfriend”) takes lots and lots of photos, just hoping one or two are worthy of making the front of our Christmas Card and at least one person maybe somewhat smiling. Our scheduled day for photos was a beautiful and sunny, but extremely cold and we had a few wind gusts pop in and out (don’t mind the tousled hair or watery eyes). Now most parents with toddlers know that a family photo or any photo shoot that includes toddlers is pure chaos and never goes as planned…matter of fact you shouldn’t have a plan or it will be crushed. But I have come to the conclusion that our best photos are the ones captured on the fly. But if you really want to test your patience or give yourself a migraine (if you are a Type “A” person/ control freak like me) add a few of your family pets in the photos, plus the toddler, and you will experience a real photo “shit show”, pardon my French, but it’s all truth! However, these chaotic photos or some may refer to as “bloopers”, melt my heart…you can see our family dynamic and personalities shine through in the photo.

This is a classic family photo for us…not one of us is actually looking into the camera, dog squeezed a little too tight and another dog wandering the background. By the way, our sweet donkey girls look a little unimpressed with the whole photo op. But right after this shot comes one of my favorite family photos.bwcropped

Every photo shoot our little Doxie Dogs have opposite routines…The older wiser mother dog, Bailey, knows to run and hide under my bed. On the other hand, the younger and fatter Doxie, Gracie, always makes an appearance. Which she really never gets more than 3 feet from the 2 year old toddler, maybe due to the fact that he always has food in his hand and is constantly sharing. And this year, Gracie was forced to sit or be held down in each photo by Cason…it’s the only way he would sit still for a “NON BLUR” photo pose. But then when I came across this photo of  “a boy and his dog” all I think about is the love and the memories (or trouble) on the farm they will make with each other.


This was the official photo that made the front cover of our 2014 Christmas Card… I am in complete love with this wild, crazy, smart, hilarious, slightly mischievous, extra sweet and compassionate little boy.



Now you can get a glimpse of the wild, crazy and slightly mischievous side… blooper love! I still smile every time I see this photo of my favorite guys!2014-7798

Photo credits: Audrey from @ Vintage Photography…she is an all-star on capturing the moment.

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