Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Spring 2014 201

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and nothing touches a Mama’s heart more than a personal handmade gift from the littles in their life. My little man and I made this craft for his Nana as a birthday present to capture the highlights of being a ONE YEAR OLD.

DIY Photo Decoupage Flower Pot- Dress up your Terra Cotta flower pot with memorable photos.

This little craft project can be done in an hour or less (without drying time) and my little one was very helpful when it came to planting the flower.


  • Terra Cotta Pot
  • 15-20 Pictures (2 x 3 or smaller)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Ribbon
  • Favorite Flower

Start with printing out 15-20 of your favorite photos, I had a smaller pot so I wanted to cram as many photos as possible on the pot, therefore, all my photos were cropped and 2 x 3 or smaller. I was going for a more timeless look and made all the photos black and white. I have all my photos saved on my computer in folders, by the year… I pulled up “Cason Turns One” folder and rummaged thru for all my fav photos.

Super Easy Steps:

1. Cut out all your photos (or wrapping/scrap paper, old book pages, postcards, napkins ect..).

2. Use your paint brush and Mod Podge to cover as much of the photo in order to adhere it to the pot.

3. Continue covering your pot with photos until you LOVE IT, we overlapped many of the photos.

4. Once you love it and covered the entire surface, paint a thick coat of Mod Podge over all of your photos and seal all the edges (Do not PANIC, this will look like you are destroying the photos with the really thick WHITE glue…it will dry clear and your photos will be perfect.)

5. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes…then apply another coat of Mod Podge. Repeat this step, if necessary.

6. Once your flower pot is dry, you can add the finishing touches. We added some burlap ribbon or you can use paint ( next time I want to try Chalkboard paint and then write a sweet message in Chalk).

7. LAST STEP: Plant a pretty flower or herb in your pot. Cason, my little guy, picked out this beautiful Lavender plant for his Nana. Add some Spanish Moss and a name card. Voila!

Spring 2014 203

flower pot 1

Of Course, Mama’s like a little something fun to go with their beautiful handmade goodies, such as a Starbucks Gift Card or a bottle of their favorite Yellow Label Champs, Veuve-Clicquot.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mamas… We do have a hard and challenging job, but the most rewarding in the world!

Spring Fever {part two}

farmhouse shabby spring table

For a little “Spring Spirit” around the house… I decided to spruce up our farmhouse table with a few spring accents.  Since I was feelin’ a little crafty, I created a SUPER DUPER easy reindeer moss letter with the following supplies from Craft Warehouse:
• Monogram 10 inch Letter {“R” for our last name}
• 1 Package of Preserved Reindeer Moss {this comes in several different colors}
• 3-5 glue sticks w/ glue gun

spring table scape moss letter

spring table scape 1

I cut these pussy willow branches from the tree in my yard, but I wanted to give them a little more pizazz and add some eggs~ dictionary Mod Podge eggs. I followed a tutorial from Dear Lillie {BTW love this blog site, she is incredible and inspiring}.

• Brush
• Bowl
• Water
• Mod Podge
• Plastic Easter Eggs
• Book Pages or Newspaper
• Jute Twine {these plastic eggs already had 2 holes on the top of the egg to string the twine through to hang}

spring table scape mod podge egg

spring table scape mod podge egg 1

spring table scape 2

spring table scape bunny

spring table scape 3

The Moss Letter and Mod Podge Eggs are very simple to create and super cute craft projects to conquer, when you only have an hour to spare.