Gearin’ up for Thanksgiving

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it was necessary to get in a few last Fall décor projects, before Thanksgiving.

DIY Monogrammed Pumpkin

I love anything monogrammed…and these monogrammed pumpkins are one of the easy-to-create DIY projects and can be completed with ordinary items around the house in less than 15 minutes.

You will need the following:

~Pumpkin (choose one that has a flat side)

~Sharpie Marker (thin tip marker for tracing and a thick tip marker for coloring in the initial)

~Painter’s Tape

~Initial Stencil or Computer Paper “Monogram” Print Out

thanks 1

When working with the Sharpie, be careful to trace/color in the pumpkin from Left to Right, if you are a Right handed person or vice versa if left handed. Otherwise, you may get marker all over the side of your hand and smear the pumpkin….not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. 🙂

thanks 2

Secondly, I wanted to add our family “established date” to the bottom of the pumpkin for extra character and personalization. The hubby and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this year. OH MY WORD time flies when you are having fun!thanks 3

Here is the finished product on a shabby chic vintage chair by my back door for everyone to enjoy as they enter or exit our home.  I even had some time left over to plant few seasonal mums in my galvanized bucket planters.thanks 4

Another small and easy way to decorate inside the farmhouse is with these mini pumpkins…I threw a few into my antique dough bowl and around the candy dish tray.

Hope everyone enjoys their “Turkey Day” and instead of shopping during Black Friday…my hubby (who is obsessed with Christmas) will spend the day feeding my leftover pumpkins to the cows and pulling down all the Christmas lights from the attic. Our country farmhouse turns into the crazy Chevy Chase house from the Christmas Vacation movie.  Stay tuned for more holiday fun!

Pale Pumpkin Perfection

Pale Pumpkin 6

I LOVE the traditional October Orange Pumpkin… however, these monochromatic pale pumpkins and gourds are very shabby chic and classy! In this cluster of decorative table toppers, I used the darling “baby boo” (small whitish cream), Lil’ Pump-Ke-mon (cream and orange striped) and Valenciano (squatty white pumpkin on the vintage scale).  All of these varieties can be found at your local farmer’s market or pumpkin patch.

For a little more modern or glamorous pumpkin look…I just love to spray paint my REAL original orange pumpkins with metallic spray paint. I adore the coloring and paint coverage from the Rust-oleum Metallic Series. This DIY project is quick and simple…and these days my free time for DIY projects is super limited.  Who am I kidding, I mean non-existent… I skipped out on doing some overdue laundry to put away summer and decorate for fall. I was able to complete this pumpkin painting project from start to finish during one of my little guy’s afternoon naps!  Even had a few extra minutes for some free-hand lettering on my chalkboards, I listed out all of my favorite fall festivities and a fall cocktail above my vintage bar cart. Thank gosh for liquid chalk pens…they sure make it easy to use fun font designs vs. regular messy chalk, which I always end up breaking them into little tiny chalk pieces.Pale Pumpkin 5.jpegPale Pumpkin 7

When you mix your pale pumpkins with your metallic pumpkins it creates a lush farmhouse country table scape for the holidays. Well back to the grind {and laundry}…but keep in touch for more fall decor and a few more pumpkin projects that are in the making.

Thanksgiving 2012 007Thanksgiving 2012 001

Pumpkin Patch

pp 2013This last weekend was a gorgeous sunny weekend for October in Oregon.  I just love how ALL four seasons vividly occur in Oregon. Therefore, our little family strapped on our boots, loaded up the Radio Flyer Wagon and headed to a local pumpkin patch. One of our many local pumpkin patches, Wooden Shoe Farms, has an amazing annual pumpkin fest.

First and foremost we headed straight for the pumpkin field.  This was our little munchkin’s first visit to the patch. Last year he was only 5 months old, so instead of going to the pumpkin patch we brought the patch to him.  We even carved a pumpkin just his SIZE. ..Literally. What a chunk…yes both the babe and the pumpkin. one arm faded pumpkinedited darkroom 5 month

This pumpkin patch was perfect for little tiny hands, looking for the perfect petite pumpkin.  We, the young and inexperienced parents, were under the impression that picking out the PERFECT pumpkin would be quick and easy… Boy, were we wrong. We were pointing out pumpkins left and right to Cason and he kept telling us “NO”…”NO”… “NO”! Til’ finally he found one and picked up this nice round pumpkin out of the field and turn to us and yelled in his ever so serious, but kind voice “GO” and started heading off towards the gravel road to place his pumpkin into the wagon.pp 2013 2pp 2013 3

Now that we had our pumpkins, we tromped out of the patch and headed over to Cow train or “MOOOOO TRAIN”, according to Cason.  This cow train was adorable, made out of 50 gallon drum/barrels with wooden cow heads, Cason and I cruised throughout the corn maze in the cow named “Bossy”, which the hubby thought was hilarious and way too fitting. (I am not bossy …I just know what I want and when I want it! LOL.)  This train was such a hit…WE HAD TO RIDE IT TWICE.  Of course 3rd stop was the petting zoo area, where Cason fell in love with the goats and chickens and rabbits.  He was shouting at the other little kiddos and animals, “Cock a doodle doo” over and over. Cason is a total farm boy…. he only wants to read farm animal books and play animal sound games on the IPAD.  However, he doesn’t understand why other kids are not as interested in talking back to him via animal sounds. pp 2013 4

We had way too much fun at the pumpkin patch…now onto decorating our pumpkins.  Stay tuned for some DIY Decorating Designs for Pumpkins.