Baby’s First Christmas

As we are hours away from Christmas Eve…I took a moment from the hustle and bustle of last minute “Christmas Chaos” and wanted to reminisce over my bambino’s first Christmas, nearly a year ago {2012}.THANK YOU 2012 2First time seeing Santa…loved it! Cason was completely satisfied with just chilling on Santa’s lap. This year, NOT SO MUCH, Cason would not even enter Santa’s House, let alone sit on his lap.2012 1

Around the Christmas Tree with a few of his presents at 7 months, sitting up on his own.

2012 3

Christmas Day Morning…notice the little orange Dixie cat taking over the empty boxes in the background…she is pushy!

2012 4 2012 52012 6

Lastly, I will WRAP IT UP {Pun Intended} with the tradition of our four-legged furry family LOVES… they each open their gifts and every year they battle to steal the other dog’s toy. YES, in their Santa Dresses TOO!